There is no place to store oversized freight in your own territory? Need to transport the freight early in the morning but unload it in the evening? Several journeys are planned, and it is not worth it to unload the freight every time in your territory? In these and similar cases, it is useful to temporarily store freight in our territory at Granīta Street in Riga.

The service includes:

  • territory guarded 24/7;
  • large and closed storage area;
  • transportation of freight to and from the territory;

The most common situations requiring temporary freight storage

Long journeys. It is well known that also the transportation of oversized freight is subject to restrictions on driving time. It means that after a certain period of time the driver will need a longer rest. Gas stations in case of non-standard freight will not be a suitable option as there is not enough space in the truck parking area – for example, a composition with a readymade modular house cannot be left in the parking area. Therefore, we offer the opportunity to temporarily store it with us. 

Multiple journeys with one freight. Trade shows, trips to customers, and similar situations can take several days or weeks.  For example, in summer, farm machinery is often taken on demo tours to clients. It can take more than a week – the dealer’s or distributor’s machinery travel all over Latvia without returning to its territory every night. In such cases, there are two options: unload the freight each evening and load it back the next morning or leave the entire composition in storage elsewhere, if there is no space for it in your territory. 

Freight storage can go from a few hours to several days, depending on the client’s wishes. We offer the service both to our clients, who use our freight transportation services, and as an outsourced service. We also provide planning and examination of the route, obtaining permits and processing documents as well as private and police escort. To find out more about the possibility to temporary store your freight, and to learn about our other services, please call us, send an e-mail or use the contact form.