IMOLA is one of the industry leaders in Latvia in heavy and non-standard freight transportation. Since 2012, the company has developed an extensive network of routes in both Latvia and Europe. Every year the fleet is improved and increased. We have trailers of various sizes and capacities. We offer transportation of farm, construction, and quarry machinery, industrial freight, modular houses, wind generators, boats, and other heavy and non-standard freight. Thanks to its many years of experience and high standards of customer service,  IMOLA provides its clients with safe and quick services.

Heavy and non-standard freight transportation is a very important part of the economy. We understand that all cargo needs to be delivered on time, safely, and with no damage. Our drivers are experienced, trained, and willing to do their job perfectly. We have developed an extensive network of routes in both Latvia and Europe for many years, which has allowed us to create a competitive price offer.

Today we have a modern fleet and vehicles adapted for the transport of heavy and non-standard freight, as well as flexible and skilled drivers who are able to solve any problem arising on the road. The growth strategy for IMOLA is based on constant improvement, increasing its share of the European market and remaining one of the leaders among Latvian trucking companies.

We are a team of specialists with many years of experience in heavy and oversized cargo transportation. With us you get the most out of your cargo – we provide fast and secure transport to your destination. You can rely on our experience and professionalism; whether you need to send machinery or equipment, we will help you find a suitable solution for delivery.


Continue to develop and improve the quality of services;

Keep up with the growing demands of the clients;

Develop the heavy and non-standard freight industry in Latvia;

Become the leader in the heavy and oversized carrier industry in the Baltic States.


Stable position in the Latvian and Baltic freight carrier industry;

High sense of responsibility;

Ability to meet the needs of clients quickly and accurately.


Establishing long-term cooperation with clients;

Speed, responsibility and safety;

Building a professional team;

Pursuit of continuous development and self-improvement.