To place an order or receive a quote, you must fill in the required fields of the order form. If the freight to be transported is dangerous or require special conditions for transportation to be taken into account, please indicate them in the “Description” field. After the order/request is sent, you will be contacted by an IMOLA specialist within 1 business day.

  1. If the freight volume changes, the transportation costs are calculated according to the volume loaded.
  2. Freight is delivered within a reasonable period of time on the basis of information available to the carrier.
  3. Payment must be made before the freight is received or within the term specified in the contract.


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In accordance with the European GDPR Regulation, the Charter on Confidentiality and protection of personal data, SIA IMOLA undertake to collect only the data strictly necessary to respond to your request. If you don't specifically address that, the respective department will store your data for up to 2 years after receiving it. For any request regarding your personal data, please contact SIA IMOLA or the bookkeeping department.