There are two main reasons why escort may be necessary:  the need to take care of the safety of the transportation and facilitate the work of the driver, or the requirements of the regulatory enactments (it is mandatory also in Latvia with certain freight dimensions). 

Safety of the freight and driver. When transporting non-standard freight, at certain freight dimensions, the driver cannot see the road with 100% guarantee. So for the driver the presence of escort means confidence that the vehicle can indeed get through the route to be taken. In other words, the driver of the private car in front evaluates the chances of the large vehicle to get through certain sections of the road, so that neither freight nor other road users and infrastructure are affected. Route examination and planning take these aspects into account. However, coordination processes can take several months, and the actual situation on the road can change. So escort can quickly deal with any changes. 

Requirements of the regulatory enactments. Oversized and heavy freight transportation in Latvia is regulated by the Cabinet Regulations and they require mandatory private or police escort that depends on the impact on the traffic and the length and width of the vehicle. For example, if the truck is 3.5 to 5 m wide or 30 to 40 m long, it needs escort in Latvia. However, it must be specially equipped with beacons, warning signs, special markings, reflective stickers, an illuminated panel on the roof and other adjustments. 

If the freight trailer exceeds 5 m in width or 40 m in length, it is mandatory that the traffic police is involved in the territory of Latvia. In order to provide police escort, there must be an application, a permit for the particular route, and a route plan.

We have two cars that comply with the Cabinet Regulations and that are legally allowed to escort freight. Not all truck owners see customizing their private cars according to the requirements of the Cabinet Regulations as a financially smart move, so we also offer freight escort as an outsourced service. We also provide freight escort for vehicles passing through the Baltic States in transit. 

In the non-standard freight transportation industry, there is no single EU-wide regulatory framework and standards, so each case requires serious examination and coordination process.  Contact us, qualified specialists, to facilitate this.