In order to legally transport oversized and heavy loads in Latvia, it is mandatory to have at least the permit of VAS Latvijas valsts ceļi, but in case of particularly large and heavy vehicles a number of additional approvals must be obtained. One of the most important documents in this case is the route examination project. This means that before receiving the permit, planning and examination of the route is carried out to make sure that the selected route is suitable and safe for the vehicle, freight and the surrounding infrastructure. 

When planning the logistics of the journey, we also create a plan for preventing obstacles, which means that during transportation, obstructive road signs can be temporarily removed and tree branches cut; the road will be cleared from delineator posts of construction works, and safety poles.  Power lines may need to be raised and similar actions may need to be done to clear the road from obstacles.  

In which cases the route needs to be planned?

Serious planning is always needed for non-standard freight transportation; however, there are significant differences in obtaining permits depending on the parameters of the freight. 

In case of particularly large-size freight transportation in Latvia not only permission of VAS Latvijas valsts ceļi is required, but also route examination, approved technical regulations, and all approvals from the holders of infrastructure and networks, e.g. traffic police (State Police Traffic Safety Department), AS Latvenergo, SIA Tet (Lattelecom), AS Latvijas tilti, Riga City Council and traffic departments of other cities, and other institutions. 

Only after route examination has been carried out can we obtain a transportation permit, which states the vehicle’s actual dimensions and route, if it is concluded that it is possible at all. Without such approval, transportation would not only be illegal but also pose risk to both the freight and infrastructure.

Legislation in Latvia states that carriers who transport freight that does not exceed certain dimensions and weight may obtain a permit for a certain period of time without coordinating the route with the infrastructure holders and owners. SIA AB Treileri has such permission, which allows us as a carrier to evaluate the desired route and options for driving it. This means that if you choose our services, we will take full responsibility for choosing a safe route and delivery of your freight. 

Such and similar requirements for transportation apply not only in Latvia, but also throughout Europe and CIS countries; moreover, each country has different regulations. To be confident that your freight will be safely transported from the starting point to its destination, we encourage you to contact us and entrust route planning to experienced professionals.