We offer oversized, heavy and non-standard freight transportation in Latvia and abroad. This service will be useful for those who need to move non-standard freight – goods, equipment or anything else that cannot be loaded on a regular trailer, van, curtainside trailer or truck. Most often non-standard freight transportation is used when the weight, height, width or length exceeds the standard vehicle dimensions and weight limits. 

Specialized transport will also be useful if the freight cannot be disassembled or split into parts and when it is too expensive and time consuming. For example, dismantling and assembling a modular house requires a large number of human resources; however, such oversized freight can be transported without being split into parts. The same goes for large equipment, vehicles like tractors, huge billboards and the like.

Our freight transportation services will be useful to:

  • heavy machinery owners and renters, such as construction companies, road builders, quarry mining companies, rental companies, and others, who transport loaders, excavators and other construction machinery;
  • farm machinery dealers and owners, who need to move combine harvesters, tractors, seed drills, ploughs and other equipment;
  • manufacturers of metal structures that offer equipment for ports, airports, large manufacturing plants;
  • manufacturers of modular houses whose buildings are chosen by customers both in Latvia and abroad, especially in Scandinavian countries;
  • water transport manufacturers, who must deliver the finished fishing vessels, motor boats and yachts to the water body at the customer’s location;
  • for military purposes – training, military parades on national holidays;
  • companies that receive or transport goods and equipment to ports in non-standard containers (open top and flat rack);
  • in other cases where it is necessary to move non-standard freight.

There are no maximum dimensions for oversized freight, so we can carry freight of almost any dimensions if the potential route allows that. We will also provide all related logistics services: route planning, permissions and approvals required, escort and, if necessary, storage of your freight. To find out more about the service, contact our specialists or ask questions via e-mail or the contact form.